lördag 20 oktober 2012

Retina support in CSS4

Retina displays are appearing in more and more devices and web developers really need a flexible solution for supporting both retina and non-retina devices in an efficient way.

Luckily additions to CSS4 propose a solution.

Before you question why you would consider CSS4 when working with the current browsers note that support for features sometimes appears quickly when it is really needed. This is such a case...

As blogged by Jason Grigsby here there is support in Safari 6 and Chrome version 21 (the most widely used version since late august 2012) for specifying a set of images when defining background images in CSS4.

#test {
background-image: url(assets/no-image-set.png);
background-image: -webkit-image-set(url(assets/test.png) 1x, url(assets/test-hires.png) 2x);

Edited example from James Grigsby's blog.

Various solutions based on JavaScript or dynamically generating device specific html are around. But they all share the same problem, you need to solve a presentational problem with code lacking information of basic stuff such as user preference, available bandwidth etc. With this solution you leave move the problem of selecting which image to load to the browser that has a better chance to make an informed choice.

Browser compatibility is not great yet but currently most retina devices are built by apple. A high portion of those users are likely use Safari 6 or Chrome which solves the problem as long as you remember to use the standard background-image for backwards compatibility everybody else.

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