söndag 23 december 2012

Arm'ed for 2013

It wasn't planned and it wasn't expected it just happened, my main computers are now ARM-based. I could have sworn that it would not happen, but it did.

I've had at least 3-5 computers any given point in time the last 15 years. They've all been x86 machines, mainly destops. I still have those, but 80% of my usage is now on ARM devices.

How did it happen?
1. The IPad is my main surf/email/game/tv device.
2. The big file server is now an archive machine (rarely used) and a Synology diskstation is the main file server complementing the IPad with storage.

There are only three main things that I do on what used to be the "main rig", media encoding, FPS games and work (coding). Once I'm tired of the FPS games I still run on it, it will go and I'll just have the laptop left to work on.

It is fantastic how far I get now with soo little, instead of big bulky computers two small devices takes care of all my computing needs. The don't allow all the tinkering I do love but they work, silently always on always at hand.

Still I'm writing this on my Windows/Intel computer, why? It has the best keyboard, but I guess in 2013 I'll buy a nice keyboard for my IPad. Didn't see that one coming, I wonder what 2013 will bring...

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  1. Hi Albert, I have used your renamer since 4 or 5 years and I can say, your renamer 6 is the best and most intuitve renamer that i have seen, but, know I want to put in order my mp3 files for my ipod, and the renamer doesnt changes several ID3, i supose this problem is related with the ID3v1 versus ID3v2 standars, have you thinked about an upgrade? best regards!.